June 04, 2012

Where Do I Start? (part 3)

In an ideal world, there would never be a post called “Where Do I Start? part 3.” Even “Where Do I Start? part 2” ought to raise a few eyebrows. But “part 3”? “When are you actually going to start?” people might ask.

Clutter, though, is that kind of a problem. It can be hard to address effectively. Clutter is at the root of many other problems in life, so much so that it isn’t reasonable to say that you will put off working on clutter until you are in the right mood or you have enough time, energy, money, strength of purpose, or emotional clarity. Clutter itself may be at the root of all of the problems that serve as excuses. Clutter is the reason you don’t have time. Clutter can sap your energy, confuse your direction in life, and in general keep you from getting things done. You might, then, have to start on clutter before you are really ready.