February 28, 2021

March of Trash 2021

Many of us have extra time on our hands and have been spending more time than usual at home, wondering what to do. If this is you, then of course this is the ideal time to improve your living conditions by taking away the excess stuff from your surroundings.

At its core, clutter clearing is so simple it almost doesn’t require an explanation. The excess stuff is essentially anything you don’t use. Take this away, and you free up more space for yourself. With less clutter, you are likely to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

Clutter clearing is not usually quite so simple in practice, and that is where the March of Trash clutter clearing challenge comes in. Download and print the official scorecard to add some structure to the challenge and provide a way to track your progress.

The objective of the March of Trash clutter clearing challenge is to make clutter clearing a habit. If you can spend a few minutes on clutter every day for a month, then it’s likely you can continue that effort and eventually live a life unencumbered by clutter. Just downlaed the the March of Trash 2021 clutter clearing challenge scorecard to get started, and check back here throughout the month for regular advice and guidance on clutter.