April 01, 2021

Marching Shoes of Trash

March of Trash asks you to take action on clutter every day for a month.

What if clutter could put on marching shoes and march out of the house on its own?

That’s almost what it’s like when you reach the point of perfect clarity about what things you want to keep and where your life is going.

If you knew exactly what stays and what goes, it would still be a chore to carry out the things that don’t stay — but this work is just a matter of some hours, bags, gloves, and sweat. It is not so hard compared to the decisions you have to make.

March 29, 2021

Bulk Item Day

March of Trash asks you to take action on clutter every day for a month.

For many of us, bulk item day is near the end of the month. Props to anyone who took the opportunity to rid their house of something large and unneeded.

March 20, 2021

4 Stuck-at-Home Emotions as Prompts for Clutter Clearing

March of Trash asks you to take action on clutter every day for a month.

Many of us are stuck at home more than usual this season, and this can be an opportune time to clear clutter from the home. Some of the unpleasant emotions of being stuck in a place involuntarily can help you focus on different parts of your clutter. I explore four of these emotions below. When you recognize these emotional reactions in yourself, you can think of them as prompts to clear clutter of specific kinds or in specific places.

March 15, 2021

Time to Clean the Desk

March of Trash asks you to take action on clutter every day for a month.


When it’s long past time to clean the desk, where do you start?

You may have to start at the top. The only practical way to clear a desk is to consider items in the order that they are in. Any other approach would risk ending up in a bigger mess than you see already.

March 05, 2021

Clearing Clutter to Save Time

March of Trash asks you to take action on clutter every day for a month.

If you are busy every day, the time pressure changes your clutter clearing priorities.

March 03, 2021

Home As a Place of Power

March of Trash asks you to take action on clutter every day for a month.

Your home could be your primary place of power. If it doesn’t feel like it, the likely obstacle is clutter. Possessions you aren’t using don’t add anything to your feeling of power or your productivity. Instead, they sap your energy. To boost your power and the sense of power that you associate with home, remove some of the unused possessions.

February 28, 2021

March of Trash 2021

Many of us have extra time on our hands and have been spending more time than usual at home, wondering what to do. If this is you, then of course this is the ideal time to improve your living conditions by taking away the excess stuff from your surroundings.

At its core, clutter clearing is so simple it almost doesn’t require an explanation. The excess stuff is essentially anything you don’t use. Take this away, and you free up more space for yourself. With less clutter, you are likely to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

Clutter clearing is not usually quite so simple in practice, and that is where the March of Trash clutter clearing challenge comes in. Download and print the official scorecard to add some structure to the challenge and provide a way to track your progress.

The objective of the March of Trash clutter clearing challenge is to make clutter clearing a habit. If you can spend a few minutes on clutter every day for a month, then it’s likely you can continue that effort and eventually live a life unencumbered by clutter. Just downlaed the the March of Trash 2021 clutter clearing challenge scorecard to get started, and check back here throughout the month for regular advice and guidance on clutter.

April 04, 2020

Breaking the Shopping Habit While Isolating

Stuck at home with stores closed by a state of emergency, you might just forget to do any shopping. Or if the shopping bug keeps bugging you, now is an especially easy time to break that pattern.

During the coronavirus lockdown in effect as I write this, I know of many people who have stopped buying most of the things that they would ordinarily be shopping for. My own purchases in the last month have been limited to food, with a few exceptions in the category of entertainment. Most routine shopping, it seems, has simply been forgotten.