April 01, 2021

Marching Shoes of Trash

March of Trash asks you to take action on clutter every day for a month.

What if clutter could put on marching shoes and march out of the house on its own?

That’s almost what it’s like when you reach the point of perfect clarity about what things you want to keep and where your life is going.

If you knew exactly what stays and what goes, it would still be a chore to carry out the things that don’t stay — but this work is just a matter of some hours, bags, gloves, and sweat. It is not so hard compared to the decisions you have to make.

You approach this level of clarity about your stuff only with practice. Whenever you take time to take on clutter, remember that your results are measured not only in the amount of clutter removed and space cleared. Even more important, especially as you are getting started, is the clarity you gain.

Clearing and clarity tend to go together. As you take one item away, it is easier to see the items that remain. Most likely you will have to clear away some of your stuff to reach a good level of clarity on what remains. But clarity is good regardless of how you arrive at it.

At the end of a clutter clearing effort, celebrate the new space and the improved look, and also what you’ve learned about your possessions and yourself. It is the clarity you gain that will make the remaining work easier.

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