February 29, 2020

March of Trash 2020

March is here, and it’s time for that first stage of spring cleaning that is really more clearing than cleaning — clearing out the clutter to make space and make the cleaning process easier. At my house, I like to call this part of spring cleaning March of Trash because I focus on it during the month of March. It’s a challenge I take on every year to clear out at least one item of clutter every day for the whole month.

You are welcome to join in on the challenge too. Read the description of the March of Trash challenge at the linked page, then download the official scorecard at http://www.fearofnothing.net/marchoftrash-scorecard.png. Return here to the blog throughout the month of March for frequent updates in which I show pictures and tell stories of clutter that people have thrown away. I’ll also explain in detail the six clutter-busting prompts in the 2020 scorecard. These prompts are ways of changing your point of view in order to find the clutter that may be hidden in plain sight in your home.

Clutter-busting is easier when you tap in to the collective energy of other people taking on the same challenge. Whether you call it peer pressure or emotional support, that energy is strongest in March when the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning is getting underway.