December 21, 2008

No Snow Days

When I say, “There are no rainy days anymore,” I mean it doesn’t make sense to set aside tasks to do on days when you aren’t so busy. The things that interrupt our schedules are not frequent enough or disruptive enough to throw us off. That means, if you know you can’t do something today, it’s safe to assume you won’t be able to do it tomorrow either.

Today for me is a case in point. Heavy sleet overnight, still sticking to the roads at sunset, strongly encouraged me not to venture out of the house today. No matter. I spent the day at my desk doing office work. If I have to stay in tomorrow too I will still have plenty to do. If I were snowed in for a week I would finish all the work I have in mind to do at my desk, but I could easily create more by working ahead on one project or another. If I had saved something to do during a snow day, I would never get to it.

Much of the difficulty of life comes from saving things to do later. That is the one habit I want people to break. Simply do what you can today, and when tomorrow comes, do what you can do then. And when you come upon something that makes you say, “not today or tomorrow, but maybe someday,” at least be aware that “maybe someday” almost always means “never.”

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