May 29, 2009

Connecting a Home to Its Surroundings

Did you pick a home for the pleasant scenery surrounding it, only to be too busy with what you’re doing inside the house to notice or appreciate the surrounding landscape? Does it sometimes seem as if there is nothing to connect the inside and outside when the door is closed? The energy of the world around you naturally tends to connect to the inside of your house unless you do something to block it, and usually when this happens, it is because:

  • the television is on most of the time during the day, and
  • the house is filled with more stuff than it naturally holds.

Accordingly, the secrets to making the connection to the world outside are:

  • Turn the television off for most of the daytime.
  • Take away some of the clutter from the house.

You’ll find that the house seems more spacious, because you’re connecting to the energy of the space outside, and more luxurious, especially if you can pick up the energy of trees, water, or boulders nearby. People do this almost automatically when they’re selling a house, to make the house seem more valuable, but why not get the same benefits while you’re living in the house?

Even if it seems as if you’re too busy to appreciate your surroundings, it is really only that the energy is blocked. You can enjoy the feeling of the land where you live while you are busy washing the dishes, making a list of phone calls, or doing whatever it is you have to do — provided that the energy of the world outside isn’t blocked by what’s inside.

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adragongotme said...

How about if I just take the TV outside lol the football game is about to start - well ok maybe after the game I can turn the TV off.