October 14, 2009

Bob Doyle Video on Limiting Beliefs

A difficulty many people have in breaking free of their to-do lists and clutter is the seeming conflict between that challenge and the law of attraction. The law of attraction seems to say, “Don’t pay any attention to your to-do list or your clutter, because if you do, it will just expand on you.” Yet that strategy does not work either. People try to pretend that the clutter and to-do list do not exist, and what happens? The clutter still gets deeper, and the to-do list continues to get longer.

The way out of this has to do with understanding limiting beliefs. You have beliefs about yourself that tend to keep you in the same place in life. These limiting beliefs are obstacles, and most of them eventually take on physical form by showing up on your to-do list or in your clutter. Pretty soon, the clutter and the things to do seem like they are the obstacles you face, but the real obstacles are the limiting beliefs behind them.

I recommend this short video from Bob Doyle as a useful discussion of all this. Doyle’s main focus is wealth, but if you watch his video (at the link below) while thinking about any frustration you have in connection with your to-do list or possessions, you can see how changes in this area can lead directly to a cascade of changes in all areas of your life. The to-do list and clutter are actually valuable to you, as they help you identify most of the energetic obstacles you face. As you address the to-do list and the clutter, you remove the energetic obstacles that go with them. It is easy to see that everything you hope to accomplish in life will advance faster as these obstacles are removed.

Watch this video: The Law of Attraction and Limiting Beliefs

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adragongotme said...

Did anyone notice that Bob Doyle is talking about something called "Wealth Beyond Reason" in a completely empty video studio? ...and it works? I mean, if he was surrounded by bags of money you would be asking why they would choose such silly props. Instead it's a simple empty space and somehow it fits the idea of wealth.