February 10, 2011

Dwight Twilley on What to Do When You’re Snowed In

One of my musical heroes, Dwight Twilley, is taking the current extreme weather in stride, based on his last two tweets:

Tulsa Oklahoma has had more Snow this Winter than History has ever recorded!

Snowed in and locked in the Recording Studio. Album "Soundtrack" is shaping up nicely. Stay warm!!!

Instead of spending his time fretting about the worst winter weather his town has ever seen, Dwight is taking the opportunity to focus on the new album he is recording. This is, of course, what his fans would hope he would do.

You wouldn’t plan your work around the idea of being snowed in — I hope not, anyway — but when the weather keeps you in, it just makes sense to focus on the work at hand. When I was snowed in a week ago, it gave me a chance to convert one of my old books to a current file format so that I can begin updating it. That was a tedious task, but it became easier to focus on just because there was nowhere else I could go, and now, I am that much closer to releasing an updated edition of my book.

Every moment presents some kind of opportunity, even when the weather or some other circumstance takes away what you wanted to be doing. When that happens, take a few minutes, if necessary, to bemoan the things you can’t do — but then turn your attention to the things you can do.

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