June 12, 2011

Joey Fatone’s Big Sale

Former *Nsync singer Joey Fatone knew he had a problem. From the story in CNNMoney:

“I have too much shit,” is what Joey Fatone said when asked why he’s holding a massive estate sale this weekend.

The former member of *Nsync — one of the most famous boy bands of all time — is selling off the entire contents of his Orlando, Fla. home.

Joey is, of course, doing the right thing. Once you realize you have too much stuff, it doesn’t make any sense to just live with the problem. If the heart of the issue is that you bought much more than you needed, then never used most of it, the obvious solution is to sell the excess. Joey is not really selling everything he owns, in spite of what the news story suggests — he and his family have already picked out the things they want to keep and taken them out of the house. Whatever was left got lined up for probably the biggest tag sale in town this weekend.

Clutter is especially problematic for anyone who, like Joey, is traveling for work half of the time. It’s hard to make the case that you will ever use the excess stuff at home when you’re not even there that often. Any traveler knows that you have to travel light, and the same idea applies, if not in quite the same proportions, at home.

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