November 17, 2011

Open Thread and Request for Stories, Questions, and Photos

I am happy to see comments on my blog, and I am adding this “Open Thread” post to make it easier to discuss issues that aren’t so specifically related to the topic of a specific post.

Here, feel free to bring up any subject related the book Fear of Nothing or its topics of clutter, time pressure, hassles, suspense, and present-moment action or anything that seems related or relevant. Ask questions or send stories and (links to) photos that you would like me to discuss in a post on this blog. Request topics that I may have overlooked.

This blog is as public as can be, so don’t post anything you wouldn’t want grandma to see. Use a secret identity if that helps. If need be, there are other ways to contact me. It is easy to find me on Twitter, and information about me can be found at my web site

1 comment:

Princess said...

I think ur book is superb! Finish reading it...just that I don't how to get started with my cluster. I understand the concept and all. When it comes to practical steps to take I kinna donno where to start.