February 20, 2016

March of Trash Starts in Ten Days

Space is freedom. With space to work in, you can do the work to make the changes that transform the limiting circumstances of your life into something quite different. Work creates change. Space makes work possible. So where does the space come from?

If you’re like most people, space is the result of taking a careful look at your possessions and making a series of difficult decisions — a process otherwise known as clutter-busting. The hundred or so participants in this year’s March of Trash are setting aside a small amount of time every day in March to clear the decks and create the space for whatever comes next.

March of Trash is in March to provide an early start on spring cleaning. Cleaning a room isn’t half as hard if you can take the clutter away first. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be so daunting if you divide it into two stages — first, take away the junk and clutter, then take away the dirt and dust. March of Trash helps you focus on the junk and clutter.

There is a score sheet for March of Trash, but it is not a difficult challenge. It just requires one decision per day to get rid of something you don’t use — or to put it back into use. If there is anything difficult about it, it’s the decisions. What do you keep? What do you throw away? The answers aren’t always easy to come by. That’s why we’ll be working on it together. Return here at the beginning of March to get your clutter-busting score sheet, and check in all month long for inspiration, stories, and suggestions.

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