December 20, 2009

Snow Day

It’s probably the biggest snowstorm of the winter here, with 10 to 15 inches recorded in the local area. I was snowed in yesterday as the snow fell, and I am staying home again today, with no special reason to brave the roads, many still covered with packed snow.

Two snow days in a row gives me a chance to get some things done. But does this mean I can catch up on everything that has been piling up? Not likely!

The snow day, of course, is just another version of the rainy day I write about in Fear of Nothing. We save things to do as if we will have a chance to do them on a rainy day, but usually, all this really means is that we will not be doing them. We are so connected to the world today that free time is surprisingly scarce.

Today, with the snow, a party and a recording session were canceled, freeing up a pretty good block of time. On the other hand, today is a perfect day to shovel snow and take photographs, and by the time I am done with that, my block of free time won’t look nearly so big. I may have two or three hours to do something with.

A couple of hours is not insignificant, but this is after the biggest storm of the year. If you wait for free time to move your life forward, you are living your life in slow motion. Instead of waiting for a rainy day, or a snow day, make the right decisions as you go along. Skip over insignificant things so you can concentrate on actions that really matter. That way, you can move your life forward every day.

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