April 10, 2018

Minimalism on YouTube

There is a great deal we can all learn from minimalism, most of all from the people who have gone to the trouble of creating a minimalist lifestyle for themselves. They have done the study and research to discover how one thing can take the place of two and how a smaller effort can take the place of a larger effort.

Food52 blogger Hana Asbrink has looked through YouTube and put together a roundup of minimalist lifestyle videos and channels, with a touch of plant-based food thrown in as a bonus:

Despite my skepticism when it comes to the value of clutter and to-do lists, I would not describe myself as a minimalist, yet I found myself agreeing with most of the tips on style, shopping, daily life, and food that I came upon from this post. Maybe I am more of a minimalist than I realize. Whether you aspire to a life that is simpler or grander, everyone wants a life with fewer hassles, and that is an area where current-day minimalists have answers that the broader world has not yet discovered.

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