March 10, 2015

March of Trash, Day 10

It is the miscellaneous nature of clutter that makes it a challenge. You can’t erase clutter with a few proclamations. Every item requires new thinking and a fresh decision about where it goes.

Some decisions are easier than others, though. One of the easiest actions to decide on is to return something you borrowed to its owner after you are done using it. It might be embarrassing if you have held the item for a long time for no particular reason, but regardless of the details, returning it is still the obvious thing to do.

In the March of Trash Challenge, these items fall under the general category of returning an item to use. But they are easier than returning your own items to use. There is nothing to figure out, except, of course, when you are not quite sure who you borrowed something from.

In the photo, Suzanne says she’s returning this borrowed shirt to its owner. What do you have that you are ready to return?

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