March 28, 2015

March of Trash, day 28

“What do I do with an old cell phone?”

Clutter-busting goes more easily after you form a very clear question. The question above, for example, is one that you can take to a search engine such as Google, where you will at least find other people’s answers and suggestions.

The cell phone that cost $200 a decade ago is now worth nothing, though it’s still good for a $1 rebate if you happen to be buying a new phone. You might take it and its charger and batteries to Best Buy, where recycling cans in the entryway collect things like this for recycling. If you have a phone that works and is just a few years old, you can sell it or donate it in dozens of different ways.

The specific answers are not so important as what happens when you form a clear, coherent question. Asking a good question is so very different from saying “I don’t know what to do.” The question leads to action. “I don’t know” leads to inaction. Look at your clutter . . . and start asking questions.

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