March 20, 2015

Spring Arrives at March of Trash

Today is officially the Northern Hemisphere spring equinox and the unofficial start of the spring cleaning season. This makes it a good moment to remember one of the ultimate goals of clutter-busting: with less clutter it becomes practical to keep your place clean, and with cleaner surroundings you’ll live a healthier life. That, as far as I know, is the original idea of spring cleaning. In keeping with the tradition of spring cleaning, my local Goodwill is holding its “Epic Spring Donation Drive” today. Their announcement gets into the spirit of the season:

So on March 20, join the Epic Spring Donation Drive and bring your donations to us. We’ll take your old, dusty computer, the skinny jeans that never fit, and the riding boots that sag a little too much at the knee. We are also happy to take your unwanted housewares, video games and DVDs. Clean it all out, pack it all up and take it to Goodwill. You’ll feel refreshed, organized and restored!

Of course, if you are in a different area or it is a different day, there is always someplace you can take your unwanted clothing and household items to donate. In the March of Trash, donating is one of the easiest ways to return an item to use. It counts the same as giving an item to a friend, but you don’t have to stop to figure out which friend might be able to make use of something. It can be a useful state of mind to look around your place and ask, “Where is everything that I would want to give away?”

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