March 07, 2015

March of Trash, Day 7

A light-bulb moment — realizing that the oversized bulb perched precariously on the old piano (that’s another story) was a standard, working 100 watt light bulb, ready for use in a porch or garage fixture or perhaps a lamp that would accommodate its oversized globe shape. No one seemed to know what lamp the bulb had come out of or why it was sitting on the piano, but that didn’t really matter at this point. Placing the bulb in the cabinet where light bulbs were normally kept, it was ready for its next use.

Some things are clutter just because you have lost track of them. To bring back their value, you just have to put them in the right place. That’s easy enough to do — a good point to remember around this time of the month when you start to realize how hard it is to keep up a new practice more than five days in a row. After a few days at a reduced level of difficulty, you may be ready to address some of your more difficult clutter questions again.

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