March 03, 2017

Clutter Spotlight #1: Controller Keyboard

Each clutter spotlight this month will show a different kind of clutter. The idea is to provide examples of the kind of thinking that goes with clutter-busting. For the first clutter spotlight, I’m spotlighting something from my own office. It’s a problem item I was looking at last weekend.

It’s a controller keyboard, a professional musical instrument. It’s MIDI- and USB-compatible. It’s just what I need. And it’s clutter — not because I don’t use it or don’t need it, but because it’s in the wrong place. I have it set up on a cart next to my computer. It’s there all the time. And that’s the problem.

I use the computer every day, but I use the the controller keyboard only a few times a month. That’s not nearly often enough for it to occupy so much prime space right next to my desk.

The solution is to store the keyboard somewhere else — to have a place where I can put it away. I haven’t figured out the ideal spot for it yet, but for now, it will be propped up out of the way in a closet on days when I’ve not using it.

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