March 04, 2017

Clutter Spotlight #2: Expired Food

To start off March of Trash one clutter-buster went into the pantry and “threw out 4 pantry items that were years past their pull date.”

Food that has passed its best-by date or even its use-by date is not necessarily a bad thing, but you would have to be a food expert to know which old cans of food you can still trust.

Most of us don’t have that specialized knowledge, and expired food is probably not a subject you’d want to dedicate very many brain cells to anyway. Safety and nutritional issues aside, if you’ve kept food for that long without using it, it is a sign that the food has a basic lack of appeal. If you’re not an expert and you find you have food that is conspicuously past its expiration date, the simple answer is to just throw the expired food away.

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